11.10.2022 – cousin cara lee

cousin cara lee
likes but not always agrees
and that is okay!

I recently ran into my cousin Cara Lee.

While it is hard to catch up in 10 minutes with someone you haven’t talked to in almost 10 years, we did our best.

With all we had to talk about, my dear cousin did mention that she likes reading my haiku and my commentary.

Then she looked off to one side and made a sideways smile and said she doesn’t always agree with my commentary but there it is.

Which I thought was really funny.

I appreciate that I have a small but, mostly, loving audience.

I appreciate it, but with all there is to read out there, I am not sure I understand it.

If I ever want to stop writing for a couple of days all I have to do to imagine folks reading these posts.

If my haiku can find some common cause with the reader, I am thrilled.

If a reader takes the time to read what I write in commentary, I am more than thrilled.

If a reader take to the time to read what I write in commentary and think about it enough to agree to disagree, I am stunned.

I admit I am pretty much coming from deep out in left field with what I write and I encourage any discourse.

But if I can get readers to think or look at a question and consider another side to it or to just flat out disagree with me, I think that’s great.

I invite any and all readers to let me know your thoughts.

The reason why I ran into my cousin Cara Lee and several other cousins wasn’t good but it was wonderful to touch base with so much of my family.

And it was surprising to hear so many comments about my haiku.

Surprising and great!

Thank you all.

2 thoughts on “11.10.2022 – cousin cara lee

  1. I enjoy reading your haikus and commentary. Enlightening always, often thought provoking and poignant. In our little family we’ve been known to read your posts out loud, appreciating the history and humor together. You have an astonishing memory for all you’ve read and experienced, and delightful storytelling ability. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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