10.15.2022 – can wipe up the sick

can wipe up the sick
scrub it with vanish but the
odour still lingers

Oh those Brits.

Describing the current UK Government moves in response to the response over the current UK moves over the economy, The Guardian had this line.

“It’s like somebody has vomited all over an expensive rug,” reflected one former minister. “You can wipe up the sick, scrub it with Vanish, but the odour still lingers.”

In the Political world were so much depends on the sort memory of the voter, thank heaven that the odour still lingers.

BTW, I debated with myself to change the spelling of Odour to the American version of Oder, but Odour has so much more, that certain yet un-certain  je ne sais quoi when talking about politics and vomit.

I am becoming aware that politics, all through history, has been this way.

In the way of political action, there is nothing new under the sun.

What is new is the urgency of World Wide Web and social Media that allows to be there on the scene to see the vomit before it is cleaned up.

In the past, all we had was the odour and the speculation as to what caused it.

Today, the minute someone barfs, we are all over it.

Both to decry the barfing or to deny it depending on one’s point of view.

It isn’t that politics is a mess.

It is just that we are much more aware of it.

Not sure this is progress.

Being all over vomit is not a place I ever wanted to be.

But BOY HOWDY!, that is where we are.

From the article, How ‘knives of the long night’ led to brutally swift Kwarteng sacking,

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