8.12.2022 – they age according

they age according
to grief they experience
not the years they live

From the line, “We have a saying in Afghanistan: People age according to the grief they experience, not the years they live.” as written by By Fahim Abed in the article, We Are the Flour Between Two Millstones in the New York Times on August, 12, 2022.

In an article about the life of Afghans, not in Afghanistan, but here in the United States.

Mr. Abed writes, “I am in the United States now, and though I am physically safe, my psychological well-being is anything but. Everything is so different here, and I have no idea about how most things work: Where do I park my car? How do I pay my bills? And, by the way, how does American health insurance work?”

Park the car to how does American insurance work.

Gosh, who does know.

So many friends that I talked to feel the same way. As the anecdotes added up, I couldn’t help but think of another saying we have in Afghanistan: We are the flour between two millstones.

I shudder thinking about my generation being ground into powder, wedged between the anxiety of being refugees while watching the Taliban dismantle the country we grew up in.

Still Mr. Abed ends with, “But for now, all we can do is wake up, look at ourselves in the mirror, and hope that today, if even for a little bit, will be better.”

All we can do is wake up.

look at ourselves in the mirror.

Hope that today, if even for a little bit, will be better.

Americans, us as Americans, we got a pretty good deal.

Maybe time we should act like it.

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