7.10.2020 – C is not an A

C is not an A
but a C is not an F
he told reporters

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was quoted in the New York Times article, Eric Adams, the Mayor Who Never Sleeps, by columnist Maureen O’Dowd in this passage:

Six months into the job, Eric Adams, 61, is at a crucial juncture. The honeymoon, filled with hope for a dynamic new mayor, is over. Adams’s poll numbers have dived, which the optimistic politician took with aplomb. “A C is not an A, but a C is not an F,” he told reporters, adding that he interpreted the numbers from tough New York graders to mean “We’re going to give Eric a shot.

You have to admit when the Mayor is right, he is right.

A C is NOT an A.

But it sure is a wonderful sentence.

Also, as a social comment, a friend of mine recently posted a National Parks brochure about being out on the water in a local river.

The brochure had the warning that the river was not round and you did not end up where you started.

I guess I am not surprised that today’s park visitors need that warning.

As much as I am that maybe today’s political reporters do need to be reminded that a C is not an A.

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