6.26.2022 – it over or just

it over or just
beginning fasten seatbelts
be a bumpy night

This is going to be a long hot summer.

So many threads in the tapestry that will be the history of the year 2022.

So many story lines to follow.

Hands covering my face but with my fingers spread over my eyes so I can see.

Right now, I can say it’s not over.

I can say it’s just beginning.

I can say, fasten your seatbelts.

I can say, it’s going to be a bumpy night.

Wake me when we get to over.

The text of the today’s haiku is adapted from the screenplay from the 1950 movie “All About Eve” by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

Thinking about movies and the current passing show and the time of year, the movie, Long Hot Summer comes to mind.

Based on William Faulkner’s writings, the movie has Orson Welles, as Will Varner deliver this line about an abandoned house:

The man that built this place, his name’s forgotten.

This was his dream and his pride.

Now it’s dust.

Must be a moral there somewhere.

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