6.1.2021 – insecurity

flatlining pay are every
day reality

From the paragraph:

In fact, for millions of people in Britain, 2022’s growing sense of disaster is another chapter in a story that goes back at least 10 years – to rules and regulations that turned the welfare state into a mess of trapdoors and tripwires, to the hacking back of benefits, to the dire treatment of disabled people and to a new world of work where chronic insecurity and flatlining pay are an everyday reality.

In the article, The decade that broke Britain: the disastrous decisions that left millions in a cost of living crisis by John Harris.

What struck me is the thought that I have been focused on the Covid years of late and all the issues it has caused.

This article (based in Britain but a lot of applies here) made me realize how long, going back to the the Housing Market crash of 2009 and the first time I got fired by the same company.

Talk about insecurity.

Back in 2009 the company I was working for called me into the office on a Tuesday and I was told my job had been eliminated and that my last day would be Friday.

In the next sentence, I was told that the company was creating a new corporate department and that I was wanted to be on that team and I was offered the same job I was doing but if I wanted it, I would be doing that same job in Atlanta.

So off to Atlanta we dragged all the kids and that chapter of our life started.

Then in 2020, I got call to be in a meeting on a Tuesday and once again I was told that my job had been eliminated and my last day would again be Friday.

The first time it happened, I felt it was the current economic climate.

The 2nd time it was pure spite and meanness and people who I worked with turning out to pretty small people.

If you read this blog, you will know this turned out okay for me but do I have trust in my job, any job?

Do I jump any time I get a note to be in a meeting?

Is my insecurity part of my every day reality?


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