5.26.2022 – avalanche of hype

avalanche of hype
trolling misinformation
in which we now live

Based on the amalgamation of words in the article, Hillary Clinton is right: the age of the showman leader has damaged politics, by Will Hutton in the Guardian on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

Mr. Hutton, in a commentary on politics in the United States, uses combinations of multi-syllable words and sentence construction makes me take my hat off and yell, SALUTE!

The paragraphs of the article in questions read thusly:

Political leadership in the 2020s needs to be recast, but old truths will out. Alternative reality may have allowed performative politics to trump content for a period, but for all the collective appetite to be entertained, citizens also want to be governed well. That means a firm grasp of what does and doesn’t work and how matters can be improved.

That in turn requires a viable political philosophy backed by evidence and turned into a programme that can be consistently applied across government, taking on power, privilege and vested interest where it is plainly necessary.

It’s palpably not what we have, but it’s obviously what we need and the wheels are already spinning to deliver it

And, readers of this blog will know that from time to time I struggle with the weight of effort of producing a daily Haiku and any thoughts I may have about the words and time that went in the Haiku that day.

This daily schedule of missing a day can bring on a personal mental paralysis wherein writing these entries becomes impossible.

I learned to deal with this by not dealing with it and let it go.

Then when I look at my register of entries and see blank days with no post, I will grab a topic or book or poem for a source and produce a series of Haiku to fill in those blank dates.

This is one of the great benefits of this effort being my blog and my blog, my rules.

It IS cricket because I say it is.

It is ‘according to Hoyle’ because I say it is.

Thus I have this series of haiku based on this article and the Mr. Hutton’s word choices.

I should also mention that this ‘lack of output’ coincided with a trip up to see our son and being away from a computer keyboard for a long weekend and I am playing catch-up.

Other haiku from this passage include:

  • avalanche of hype
  • that means a firm grasp
  • require viable
  • taking on power
  • reality for all
  • but old truths will out
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