4.13.2022 – facial expressions

facial expressions
are truly important how
we communicate

“Her lips said ‘No Way’, but her eyes said, ‘Read my lips.’

So went a line from the old TV show Frazier.

I don’t like and rarely accept any finding based on a ‘recent study’.

Yesterday my boss told me that with his boss in town, to be ready to make a presentation with numbers based on website traffic.

“No problem”, I said.

“What do you want the numbers to show?”

Still I came across a story about a study where I said “YES, THAT’S IT.”

The headline was, ‘Can you hear me now?’ Study reveals why voices are raised on video calls.

The key statement is that Scientists find that as video quality deteriorates, people speak louder.

Anytime I am on a video chat, zoom, teams or facebook face time and the video goes bad I find myself speaking both S L O W E R and LOUDER and now I know why.

How can speaking S L O W E R and LOUDER improve the video?

The article says:

Although speaking louder probably doesn’t help, the fact that people do it shows how integrated these systems are, particularly since people only speak louder when gestures are present, Trujillo added. “They know that the gestures being produced are vital to their communication, but their partner is going to have a harder time seeing them. So they increase the strength of the other signal – speech.”

While I question any study, this one was done at Radboud University Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.

You have to trust the Dutch and I think my family roots at back in Nijmegen so its all in the family.

I also think it has to do with the how you grew up.

When I was a kid everyone had a cutting edge transistor radio and you could control the audio quality by changing hands from left to right or standing the radio on its side or on its back or upside down or turning off a fluorescent light or turning on the toaster.

When you went to other peoples homes, TVs had an assortment of wire coat hangers, odd angled antennas and strange strips or wads of tin foil attached to the back to ‘improve reception.’

What I am saying is that you had things you could do on your own.

I worked for many years at a TV Station in Grand Rapids Michigan and there was one of those orange and white towers on the property that dominated the skyline of Grand Rapids.

Anyone who wanted improved TV reception of ABC would point their antenna’s at this tower.

The funny thing was it wasn’t a broadcast tower, it was a repeater tower that sent the station’s broadcast signal to the broadcast tower 40 miles to the north.

It was (and maybe is) that TV broadcast towers had to be 120 miles or something like from any other tower with the same channel.

To get to the required distance from WTVG 13 in Toledo, Ohio, WZZM TV13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan had to set up their tower 40 miles further north in the town of Grant.

I am not sure how I got into Grant, Michigan but there I am.

Next time you are on a video call and the video goes fuzzy remember to SPEAK UP, they can’t see you.

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