2.21.2022 – start game toss the ball

start game toss the ball
be honest and no whining
the gaga pit rules

There is a school, Red Cedar Elementary, nearby and when we go for a walk, we walk past the school and sometimes, cut through the playground behind the school.

In a field next to the playground is the Red Cedar GAGA Pit.

Lucky for us there is a sign next to the pit or we would not have known what it was.

The rules of the GAGA pit are also listed on the sign.

The pit is used to play a version of dodge ball but the ball has to be bounced before it hits you so a line drive dodge ball throws doesn’t count.

Interesting to note that thinking about the bounce, the GAGA Pit versus Dodge Ball argument is much like the Cricket versus Baseball argument where in Cricket the ball has to bounce before it is batted.

I love rule 9.


There are those who might say that more is expected of the grade school kids at Red Cedar Elementary School than is expected of the so called ‘grown-ups’ in the Government.

There are those who might say that.

But not me.

I want to avoid controversy.

But if the shoe fits …

And I will say that the image of putting everyone on Congress into the GAGA PIT really appeals to me.

Talk about must see TV.

And I will also say that Rule 9 could be abbreviated to just BE HONEST & NO WHINING and I would be happy.

There are those times where important learning takes place at school but not in the classroom.

Lot of life can be learned in the GAGAPIT.

The GAGAPIT Rules rule.

The GAGA PIT rules.

Grand daughter Dallas explores the gagapit

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