2.15.2022 – Stafford, the Bengals

Stafford, the Bengals
bumbling franchise Detroit does
everything wrong, right?

I remember reading about that Science had discovered quarks or neutrinos or some such particles of energy that were created as the Sun decayed or something like that.

An experiment was designed to capture a picture of one of these things and somewhere out west, a section of mountain was excavated and filled with cleaning fluid.

This was supposed to capture the moment one of these particles came by or decayed or something.

This giant pool of fluid was filled with photo cells and then the scientists sat back to wait.

And they waited and waited and waited and nothing happened.

After some years the scientist decided there were three possible explanations to what went wrong.

The first was that they did their math wrong.

The second was they set up the physical experiment wrong.

The third explanation was that the scientists had no clue to what they were doing or even talking about.

For most of my life, the third explanation applies to the Detroit Lions football team of the National Football League.

The latest Super Bowl is one more example of how hard the Lions work to show how much they have no clue to what they are doing or even talking about.

First off is the the now Super Bowl winning Quarterback, Matthew Stafford.

Mr. Stafford played for the Lions for 12 seasons and never got past the first round of the playoffs as the Lions management just could not put together the team around him that could win.

The Los Angeles Rams appears to have put that team together, including late season additions in Stafford’s first year.

What did the Rams do that the Lions did not do?

Then there are the Cincinnati Bengals.

In 2020, the Bengals were 4 -11-1 while the Lions were 5-11.

in 2019, the Bengals were 2-14 and the Lions were 3-13.

IN 2021, the Bengals were 10-7 and 13-8 overall, making it to the Super Bowl.

The Lions were again 3 and 13.

What did the Bengals do that the Lions did not do or do that the Lion did not want do or do that the Lions can’t do?

The Bengals were worse than the Lions and in 2 years made it to the Super Bowl.

It can be done.

Its not space science.

Do the Detroit Lions do everything wrong?

Why do I think that if someone took a yellow pad and wrote down everything the Lions did, from brand of Hot Dogs for sale to the colors of the team (and I love Honolulu Blue) maybe change the name, put everything on the table, and do the exact opposite who knows what might happen.

I will even write the dread words, how could it get worse?

We say that every year.

And somehow each year the Lions do the seemingly impossible and make last years team look better and create a true sense of insecurity.

I am reminded of the scene in the movie, Tin Cup, where caddy Cheech Martin has golfer Kevin Costner put a golf tee behind one ear, put all his change in on pocket and a bunch of other weird stuff.

When Costner then hits a ball down the fairway, he looks at Martin and asks how he it did it, Martin responds, “you ain’t thinking … period.”

Or in the case of the Lions, as Ted Williams once said, “If you don’t think so good, don’t think so much.”

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