2.4.2022 – saw morning paper

saw morning paper
first page back page inside page
saw the world go by

From the poem, Moon Rider by Carl Sandburg published in Poetry – A Magazine of Verse in March of 1922.

Mr. Sandburg wrote these lines 100 years ago.

The man opened the morning paper: saw the first page,
The back page, the inside pages, the editorials;
Saw the world go by, eating, stealing, fighting;
Saw the headlines, date-lines, funnies, ads,
The marching movies of the workmen going to work, the workmen striking,

I start my day with the morning papers on online.

I see the front pages, the back page and the inside pages.

I see the world go by.

It is the first line of the poem that sticks with me.

WHAT have I saved out of a morning?
The earliest of the morning came with moon-mist
And the travel of a moon-spilt purple

All those pages.

All that reading.

And I can’t remember a dang thing of what I read.

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