12.8.2021 – 11 for three

11 for three
blink of an eye all out for

Time for the Ashes already?

The every other year grudge match between the national Cricket teams of England and Australia?

England and Wales actually.

Much how the contact between Babe Ruth and the New York Yankee’s is a contact between one George Herman Ruth and the The American League Baseball Club of New York, the National English (NOT BRITISH) Cricket team is the England and Wales Cricket Board or ECB.

Anyway, every two years England plays Australia in a series of Test Cricket matches referred to as ‘The Ashes.’

The host country alternates between in Australia and England and the matches themselves takes place in five different locations over the course of about a month.

The away team is always reffered to as ‘The Tourists.’

At each location, the teams will compete for five days during each test, competing in games each day.

Each game is 6 hours long with breaks for lunch, tea and drinks.

There’s Test cricket and then there’s Ashes cricket,” said England Captain Joe Root.

It is a match that exists outside of all other schedules.

It would be as if the Michigan – Ohio State football game was not a part of a league or conference set up and every two years, regardless of other schedules, they played each other in a game that mattered only for the sake of the game.

Back when this started in 1882, the teams would take off on a road trip that lasted six months.

Yesterday was the first day of of the first test at The Gabba, in Brisbane.

The first line of the first story of the first days play read:

From the opening delivery of this pandemic-era Ashes, when Rory Burns displayed the footwork of an early Strictly evictee and Mitchell Starc speared the brand new Kookaburra ball into his leg stump, everything turned to Australian gold; for England, 11 for three in the blink of an eye and then all out for 147 in 50.1 overs, this represented the latest chapter in the great book of Gabba woes.

I am happy to say that I had to use the google just one reference.

Sorry to say that ‘an early Strictly evictee‘ was new to me.

Glad to report that despite my concerns that this might have been a politically incorrect slur of a sort that would not be considered ‘Cricket’, the Google reports that ‘Strickly’ is the British equivalent of Dancing with the Stars and ‘an early evictee‘ is a celebrity who cannot dance and is sent home to the relief of those folks who take these shows seriously.

I am trying to find a way to listen if not watch these matches.

When England is playing in England, the BBC has put the audio on You Tube, but some reason they do not when the team plays the tourist role.

And when England is playing England, the match starts about 7AM and I can listen at work all day.

Playing down under, the games are at 7PM here in the States.

I usually am on the side of England.

The history of Cricket is the a history of Countries that used to run by England that would like nothing better than to beat England at England’s game.

In 1990, when immigration and citizenship was being debated in the House of Commons, Norman Tebbit, a Member of Parliament, suggested a test to measure the loyalty of immigrants.

The Right Honorable Mr. Tebbit suggested asking immigrants whom they root for in a cricket match – their former country or England.

The idea being that immigrants from India or Pakistan might become good subjects (Remember folks in the UK are not CITIZENS but SUBJECTS of the REALM), they would continue to root for their native cricket team to beat the snot out of England and there fore never, truly, loyal to the Crown.

I remember listening to an interview with Sadiq Aman Khan, the Mayor of London during a break in some test match or other.

Mr. Khan’s family is Pakistani.

Mr. Khan was born in London.

Mr. Khan was asked about his memories following Cricket.

Mr. Khan was VERY CAREFUL to run off a long list of great ENGLISH cricket players and teams.

So he said, but no one really believed him.

Like I said, I usually pull for England but in the ashes, my sentiments are with the Australians.

After one day, England is all out for 147 with the Aussies coming to bat.

The next game is tomorrow, December 9th, in Brisbane at 10AM.

Somehow, that is 7PM tonight, December 8th, in South Carolina.

That just adds to the attraction.

Will another chapter the Great Book of Gabba woes?

We will find out tonight listening to a game being played tomorrow.

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