12.1.2021 – never a point where

never a point where
you know what you are doing
that’s the pain, the joy

I hate celebrity interviews and I love celebrity interviews.

My life, my rules.

I am intrigued when some celebrity … and lets get our terms down … I am using the word celebrity and not fame …

Queen Elizabeth II is famous …

Lady Gaga is a celebrity.

Celebrity can wane and wear out causing the celebrity to realize that their celebrity needs to be rekindled and they have to get divorced or remarried or do something to get their celebrity back on a level with the other celebrity flavors of the day.

The Queen has a sore back and creates several weeks worth of world wide headlines.


As I was saying, I am intrigued when some celebrity who has been off the scene for a but suddenly pops up in a new interview.

I do enjoy seeing the odd interview with these celebrities of the past and near past.

Past is a week some days.

Near past CAN BE yesterday.

Just the other day I read “What Ever Happened to Denard Robinson?” and it answered some un-answered questions in the back of my mind about one of the most popular football player at Michigan.

Mr. Robinson wrote the article because of ” . . . all these articles and tweets started popping up online asking what happened to me.

Most of the time there is another reason that the celebrity in question has suddenly turned up again.

Most of the time I will see an interview or read an interview with someone I haven’t heard from in a forever and I say, where have they been?

And then the next week there is a review of that celebrities new movie, tv show, book or weightloss routine.

I was in the business for 20 years, you would think I would know by now how the system feeds itself.

Still I read these interviews.

And once in awhile there is something to them.

Today I read an interview with Edie Falco, famous for playing the role of Mrs. Tony Soprano.

I liked the Soprano’s okay, but I sure found it depressing.

It was like Mayberry gone bad, really bad.

I could not watch without thinking what an awful way to live.

It was all the bullies from A Christmas Story who had grown up.

And I don’t mean Scut Farkus but Grover Dill.

I guess if you are Grover Dill you don’t have a lot of career paths but still what a crummy way to live.

I liked Carmela or at the least her role and I like the way Edie Falco played the part.

If this was Mayberry gone bad, Carmela would be Helen Crump.

And Tony Soprano’s Mom would be Aunt Bea.

This rabbit hole is getting slippery fast.

Of course, Ms. Falco is in the newspaper today giving the interview because she in playing Hilary Clinton in Impeachment: American Crime Story which I guess was on FX back in September.

I was reading a Brit paper and this hasn’t been released over there yet.

On the two roles, the article states, “… Falco is a Hillary supporter, so she takes care to emphasise that the former secretary of state is not EXACTLY like a mob wife.”

Not sure if I will ever see this show but for me, it would have been interesting had Ms. Clinton gone all Mob-Wife-Bat-Shit-John-Bobbitt-Crazy on Bill.

But that’s me and that’s why I don’t get to write these shows.

The article was more interesting in the comments Ms. Falco made about herself and growing up and her path forward.

I was struck by two things she said.

At least I hope she said it that way but the writer did string the words together nicely.

Ms. Falco said, ” I’ve been in therapy since time began, so I can look on my childhood now with such love. It was a bunch of people really, really trying.”

I like that.

I like that a lot.

Me and my big happy family have been in therapy since time began.

Okay not really but well gee almost.

We have read the books and talked to the people and what we came up with is all you can do is offer unconditional love.

Love them best you can and throw all the books in the trash.

I don’t know, maybe adopting all those kids was nuts.

But we really, really tried.

I watch my kids now with there kids, my grandkids.

They are really, really trying.

Not sure much more can be asked.

The other thing in the article that caught my eye was at the very end.

The writer writes:

At this point, we go off record, to talk about kids and parenting during lockdown. By now, it really does feel as if I’m talking to a friend. I ask if there is ever a point – in parenting, in work – where you feel like you do know what you’re doing.

“No never!” she hoots. “That’s the pain, but it’s also the joy.”

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