11.18.2021 – maintaining comfort

maintaining comfort
atmosphere and appearance
traditional pub

Mike Mercer has died.

Not to worry, I never heard of him before either.

He got an obituary and photo in the Online Guardian today.

The first line read, “My friend Mike Mercer, who has died aged 81, was for 50 years the landlord of the Albion Inn, an attractive street-corner pub in the heart of Chester.

The obit went on to state, “The words “pub” and “landlord” scarcely do justice to the Albion or to Mike. A romantic and a perfectionist, he devoted much of his life to maintaining the comfort, atmosphere and appearance of a traditional English public house. The Albion was a magnet for those who believed that a drinking establishment should be a retreat from the bustle and frenzy of the outside world, where real ale and good food should be enjoyed in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.”

Not a bad note to go out on, is it?

When I thought about the possibility of one day having an obit, not saying I discounted the possibility of dying, just the possibility of someone writing and PAYING for an obit, I thought a worthwhile accolade would be, “Baked good bread.”

A lot of meaning could be contained in those short words.

Says a lot about the type of person you are today.

Of late, I have cut a lot of breads out of my diet so not sure what to make of that does to the plan.

Mr. Mercer’s obit also contained this line.

Its decor proclaimed Mike’s old-fashioned and benign patriotism, but the atmosphere of the place was politically ecumenical. 

Old-fashioned and benign patriotism.

Politically ecumenical. 

I know the as I get older, grass is always greener 10 or 20 years ago.

But when did we all get so mean?

The irreverence combined with flippancy and no real substance for the care of people.

To paraphrase slightly what CS Lewis wrote in the Problem with Pain of the people who are confident to the very end that they alone have found the answer to the riddle of life, that God and man are fools whom they have gotten the better of, that their way of life is utterly successful, satisfactory, unassailable.

Mr. Lewis wrote that back in 1940.

Maybe we were all just as mean back then as well.

But at least back then, those folks were all stuck on AM Talk Radio and not on social media.

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