10.15.2021 – music will wake up

music will wake up
to know something greater
what’s on the surface

I have this quote and I am not sure who said it.

“Music will wake up your mind to know that there is something greater than what we see on the surface.”

The google has been no help tracking this down.

It was Fran Liebowitz, during an on-air discussion with Spike Lee on who was the greater artist, Duke Ellington or Michael Jordan, who said:

I really think that musicians, probably musicians and cooks, are responsible for the most pleasure in human life.

Motown music, which was very popular when I was a teenager — whenever I hear it, I instantly become happier.

This is true of almost nothing!

That’s a very important thing to do for human beings.

Music makes people happier, and it doesn’t harm them.

Most things that make you feel better are harmful.

It’s very unusual.

It’s like a drug, that doesn’t kill you.

One of the few redeeming aspects of the world wide web has to be the access it gives to music.

This is a theme I have pounded out often.

No King, Monarch, Emperor, Despot, Billionaire or otherwise-influencer has had the access to music we have.

Andrew Carnegie owned a castle in Scotland that had a Pipe Organ as big as the one in Carnegie Hall in New York.

Mr. Carnegie also kept an organist on his household staff full time with instructions to start playing at 7:30am as Mr. Carnegie’s own personal alarm clock.

I guess Mr. Carnegie had no problems sleeping despite what was going on during the Homestead Strike back in the US but I digress.

That’s what you needed if you wanted music in your morning back in the day.

With my iPhone, I don’t think there is a piece of recorded music that I cannot access anytime anywhere.

Stop and think about that.

It is beyond belief and the imagination.

No writer of fantasy or sci-fi ever never imagined such a gift to humanity.

And I embrace it.

I love to come across obscure references to music in my reading.

I really love it when I am reading on my iPad over my kindles and phone and older iPad.

I have too many devices with too many books.

Where I used to leave books all over, I now leave my devices all over.

I am getting in the bad habit of wanting to leave a current book open on a device so I grab another one to read other things much like I would leave open books all over the place.

Which calls to mind an old argument.

Aren’t bookmarks really placemarks?

They mark your place in the book.

A big sign that says, YOUR BOOK HERE, would be a bookmark.

Which brings to mind another thought.

Finding things like your book and searching for where you last left it.

Search is nothing new it just seems new due to the inability for anyone to find anything online.

But folks think its new for some reason and even came up with what they think are new ways to help online users find what they are looking for.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of my latest worries.

It purports to be a field of technology that helps web designers design websites that are easier to find.

It is also so much snake oil.

The Google has announced that it pays no attention to SEO.

Sometimes I feel that I may be one of the few people in the world who read announcements made by the Google.

That’s not a problem as the Google is big, its doesn’t read its own annoucements either and the left hand and the right hand of google are never on the same keyboard.

Still most companies make a big deal about their website being up on SEO.

I try to explain to my bosses.

There are two hamburger stands side by side.

One place is on facebook and practices SEO.

The other makes, without argument, the best hamburger in the seven dials.

Then I ask, “Which place is busier?”

Without fail two things are said.

The first is, of course the best hamburgers in the seven dials is the busiest.

Then I am asked, “What are we doing for SEO?”

But there are folks making good money selling SEO so why should I worry.

I just think instead of SEO it should be labeled, Dr. Seachgood’s Patented Tech Tips to Improve Online Life and Feel Better.

Folks have never ever been able to find anything.

Columbus went looking for India and found America in the way.

Back in the day I worked for a couple of years at the Cascade Branch of the Kent District Library.

This was the old library that shared a buidling with the local fire department.

I am not saying it was small but that’s because there are words like tiny …. minute.

Still folks had trouble finding things in the library which is why Librarians were invented.

Simple, right?

That was pretty much the deal with books, libraries and librarians until someone couldn’t stand it anymore and library administration and administrators were invented to muck it all up.

The Cascade Library had a great collection of books on tape.

They were located on the shelves opposite the check out desk.

So close and yet so far, patrons had trouble finding the books on tape.

I decided to optimize the books on tape section for search.

I took one of those giant 4 by 3 foot pieces of red poster board and cut out rectangles on each corner to make a BIG T.

I then cut a point at the bottom of the vertical bar of the T.

I hung the BIG T over the shelves of books on tape and the point pointing right at the section.

The next time a patron asked where the books on tape were, I smiled, pointed over their shoulder and proudly said, “Right there, under the BIG T.”

The patron turned a looked for a moment.

Then looked back at me and said, “Where is this BIG T?”



Access to music.

Stay on topic can’t you???

Gee whiz.

The other day I was reading happily along.

Got to stop again.

Ain’t that a great phrase?

Reading happily along.

Admit it.

You smiled.

I was reading happily along through a book titled, “The Cure for Anything Is Salt Water: How I Threw My Life Overboard and Found Happiness at Sea” by Mary South.

I admit that such a grandiose title with far reaching claims needs to be taken with a large handful of grains of salt but Ms. South relates her passage of self-discovery in a charming, gee I wish I could this but boy am I glad I not, way that lets you follow her passage without the usual cynicism that I find in myself when reading such books.

Either that or me now living by the sea has made my brain more open to accepting such claims and just enjoying such stories.

Along the way, Ms. Rose relates how at a stop in Point Pleasant, NJ, she found a restaurant about which she wrote:

It was an unpretentious place with a great menu and a homey atmosphere.

Best of all, there was a jazz duet playing-one guy on keyboards and one on guitar.

I asked them if they could play “Wave” and they looked thrilled that someone was actually listening.

She asked them if they could play “Wave.”


She asked for a song named “Wave?”

Sure, I once asked Nancy Faust, the renowned organist at Old Comiskey Park if she could play the Michigan Fight Sound.

Ms. Faust lit up with a smile and said, ‘The Victors? SURE!’

And she did.

Then she ruined the moment when she segued into that notre dame song.

But everyone knows the Victors.



Ms. South writes, “I got “Wave” and then I got two or three other Brazilian classics without asking. Point Pleasant beach was saved. I’d even go back in a car, if I had to.”

I had to find out.

I clicked over to YouTube and entered Wave into the search bar.

I thought about it a bit and added, jazz classic.

And I got Antonio Carlos Jobim – Wave 1967 – YouTube.

And I clicked and I got:

I got instantly happy.

It was very unusal.

It was like a drug, that doesn’t kill you.

Turns out Wave us a bossanova classic

Besides the music, just saying, let alone typing, bossa nova, makes you laugh out loud.

According to wikipedia, Antonio Carlos Jobim “was a Brazilian composer, pianist, songwriter, arranger and singer. Considered one of the great exponents of Brazilian music, Jobim internationalized bossa nova and, with the help of important American artists, merged it with jazz in the 1960s to create a new sound with popular success. As such he is sometimes known as the “father of bossa nova

I have admit I am not up on bossa nova.

But its playing now as I type.

What a way to start my Friday.

Take that Mr. Carnegie

Antonio Carlos Jobim, thank you.

Mary South, thank you.

Whoever invented YouTube, thank you.


music will wake up

to know something greater

what’s on the surface

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