8.4.2021 – bringing attention

bringing attention
mecca for unique culture
to experience

Adapted from the quote, “It’s certainly bringing more attention to the fact that this is such a mecca for outdoor recreation and a unique culture that people want to experience.

A quote from Shelby Laubhan.

As you might have guessed, Ms. Laubhan was talking about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

What else, where else could she have been talking about.

According to a recent article in the Houghton Daily Mining Gazette, Gordon Ramsey some how found himself in the UP and made an episode of his show, Unhcharted, about being in the UP.

I cannot argue that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is indeed “a mecca for outdoor recreation and a unique culture.”

It is that last part of the quote I have a problem with.

The part that states, “that people want to experience.”

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