8.2.2021 – frazzled atmosphere

frazzled atmosphere
broadcast televisual
vomit on viewers

while understanding
fundamentally nothing
of what’s going on

perhaps some measure
of discombobulation

I haven’t watched much of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Maybe when I see all the commercials for the 2020 Summer Olympics I think they must have happened a year ago.

Who would delay an event for one year and then not change the name to at least indicate the current year?

I did read a review of the broadcast coverage of the Olympics.

Even without my covid jaded eyes and already snippy attitude I would have found this review to be a delight just in the writer’s vocabulary.

After 20 years in the news business I can without fear of contradiction say that ‘ televisual vomit’ has never ever been used before in a story let ALONE A HEADLINE.

But there it is in “NBC paid $7.75bn for its Olympic rights … and we got televisual vomit” by Aaron Timms.

For me, the paragraph, “But instead of sticking with single events throughout primetime – introducing them, highlighting the stakes and the protagonists, getting the viewer comfortable with the quirks of competition – NBC has deployed this vast arsenal of broadcast resources to spray America’s households with a kind of inescapable Olympic televisual vomit.” can stand next to Mark Twain’s account of the mate on a Mississippi River boat would issue commands.

Mr. Twain wrote, “He felt all the majesty of his great position, and made the world feel it, too. When he gave even the simplest order, he discharged it like a blast of lightning, and sent a long, reverberating peal of profanity thundering after it. I could not help contrasting the way in which the average landsman would give an order, with the mate’s way of doing it.

Mr. Twain then wrote, “… he would roar out: ‘Here, now, start that gang-plank for’ard! Lively, now! what’re you about! Snatch it! SNATCH it! There! there! Aft again! aft again! don’t you hear me. Dash it to dash! are you going to sleep over it! ‘Vast heaving. ‘Vast heaving, I tell you! Going to heave it clear astern? Where’re you going with that barrel! For’ard with it ‘fore I make you swallow it, you dash-dash-dash-dashed split between a tired mud-turtle and a crippled hearse-horse!’

And as Mr. Twain closed this passage, I also say about the words in the above quoted sports story, “I wished I could talk like that.”

This was truly a difficult Haiku to create from the text.

You know why?

I am not sure I have read anything of late or in the past that used SO MANY 5 and 6 syllable words.

I take my hat to Mr. Timms.

I stand and applaud Mr. Timms.

I do have to point out, Mr. Timms IS Australian.

Some how that seems to make it even better.

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