6.16.2021 – first and foremost my

first and foremost my
occupation is reader
not a thing wrong there

I was reading an interview with Fran Lebowitz and I loved when she stated that her occupation was ‘reader.’

Then later in the day I went back and looked for the quote and it is driving me nutz as I while I can find the article I was reading, I cannot find the quote.

What is odd is that the first line and third lines are there.

But not the one where she says her occupation is reader.

It bugs me that I cannot find it.

Because I love that line.

Who says your occupation has to provide money?

I have an occupation.

I am a reader.

I read.

I am occupied with my reading or I am when I not occupied with being at the beach.

I design websites for money to pay for room and board and provide for my family.

As for my occupation, I am occupied with reading.

First and foremost!

And there is not a thing wrong with that.

I can’t wait for the next time I have to fill out paperwork for anything.

I had to change the last line around a little.

Not a thing wrong there.

In the article, Ms. Lebowitz had just commented, “I’m just finishing Cynthia Ozick’s new book (“Antiquities”). She’s a fantastic writer. This is a very short novel, especially in these days when novels tend to be 7,000 pages long.”

To which the author replied, “I’m glad you picked fiction, because I find as I get older, many of my peers say they can’t focus on fiction.”

Ms. Lebowitz replied as only she can, “There is something wrong with them.”

Kinda love that a lot.

Lesson today?

If your peers say they can’t focus on fiction, there is something wrong with THEM.

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