5.18.2021 – cranking up my brain

cranking up my brain
though world going fast enough
by itself today

In my weird new world, I am woke up by the sound of the coffee maker.

Not the alarm.

Not the awareness that I would be driving in morning rush hour traffic in less than an hour.

But the scoooorp scooooorp scooooooooooooooooooooooorp of the coffee maker sucking up the last bits of hot water to drip down over the coffee.

Then three slight beeps that the coffee is ready for me.

I used to pour the coffee into my eyes to get my brain going.

Okay so I just threatened to do that some mornings.

Still I start cranking up my brain.

But I am finding out, more and more, that world going along fast enough all by itself.

But that I mean that my little world is going along fast enough, at a pace that suits me fine, all by itself.

AND that the big mean old world out has also managed to go along fast enough all by itself without me being involved one bit.

My pace for me is just fine.

And the worlds pace by itself for me, without me, is also just fine.

A body could have a lot worse views on the way to work,

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