5.10.2021 – fastidiously

tidy air of precision
everything he did

From the description of Dr George Abbershaw in The Crime at Black Dudley by Margery Allingham (1904-1966) (published by William Heinemann Ltd, London, 1929).

I have to love the writing of the 1930s.

I think they thought, wrote and inexpressibly expressed themselves like this, leaving me grasping for the now non existent thesaurus.

Ms. Allingham wrote:

He was a smallish man, chubby and solemn, with a choir-boy expression and a head of ridiculous bright-red curls which gave him a somewhat fantastic appearance.

He was fastidiously tidy in his dress and there was an air of precision in everything he did or said which betrayed an amazingly orderly mind.

Apart from this, however, there was nothing about him to suggest that he was particularly distinguished or even mildly interesting, yet in a small and exclusive circle of learned men Dr George Abbershaw was an important person.

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