3.28.2021 – busy with nothing

busy with nothing
time weighs heavy on my hands
why I like the beach

I decided something.

After 20 years in online news, I no longer know how to relax.

After 20 years of never being ‘off’ the job.

After 20 years of always being ‘on’ the job.

I find myself thinking I should be doing something.

When recent weather cycles went across the country, I gratefully thought I had no part to play.

But then what?

I really enjoy going to beach.

Something happens to me there.

Not just mental but physical.

I hate cold feet.

My dresser drawer is filled with thick thick socks.

I have a collection of thick slippers.

I like to wear cowboy boots because they keep my ankles from drafts.

I keep a room heater on the floor by my feet.

What will keep my feet warm is among my first questions each day.

Then I go to the beach.

I go to the beach in sandals (me? sandals?).

And they don’t stay on very long.

Barefoot in the sand.

Barefoot in the ocean.

I should be freezing.

Thinking about it makes me cold.

Thinking about it makes me shudder and shake and shiver.

Doing it?

I don’t feel the cold.

My toes dig into the sand and make patterns and it almost someone else’s feet.

If I could stand having all those electrodes and such stuck to my head, I would love to see what a brain scan shows when my feet are cold and when my feet are not cold at the beach.

Something in shifts the gears in my brain at the beach.

And when I am at the beach I am at the beach.

I am not doing nothing.

I am at the beach.

I am occupied.

I am busy being at the beach.

I am keeping myself busy.

It’s my job now.

At least part of my job.

I get paid partly to get the beach experience online somehow.

So I have to experience the beach.

It IS my job!

I am at the beach.

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