3.19.2021 – defiantly

political decision
be free on own terms

Came across this quote the other day:

And I began to wonder if just the decision to be free on his own terms isn’t, in itself, defiantly political. And I wonder if his search for some type of grace – and his celebration of beauty where he can find it – is not also deeply political. Particularly now, and at the time when we were making this film, when in the US there was this relentless, grotesque debasement of language, of thinking, of journalism, specifically of writers. I wonder if the celebration of those things is not, in some ways, a manning of the barricades in and of itself. Maybe it’s one of the most powerful things we can do, when faced with as much vulgarity as we’ve been faced with in the last few years.

It is a quote from the actor, Jeffrey Wright.

Mr. Wright was commenting on the role he plays in the upcoming movie, “The French Dispatch.

The movie is reported to be a look at the workings of the New Yorker Magazine in the 1930’s.

(I am really looking forward to this movie.)

Mr. Wright plays a character modeled after writer James Baldwin.

James Baldwin is the HIS in the above quote, ‘free on HIS own terms.’

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