1.3.2021 – Things going downhill?

Things going downhill?
Time to get in drivers seat . . .
and step on the gas

From the classic British political satire TV Show, Yes, Minister.

The new Minister, Jim Hacker, takes over the Department of Administrative Affairs he makes the grand announcement that, “This government is here to govern, not merely preside like our predecessors did. When a country is going downhill, it is time for someone to get into the driving seat, and put his foot on the accelerator!

I had to make some American English changes.

Drivers seat for driving seat.

The Gas for accelerator.

There are times when I get the feeling our Congress is watching Yes, Minister as a HOW TO Guide.

(Much like my old company used the movie OFFICE SPACE as an HR Manual.)

Have you seen the YouTube Clip, “A Millennial Job Interview”?

The young lady just DOESN’T GET IT.

It is really funny and scary at the same time.

Take the young lady and her outlook and assign them to our people in Congress.

It is funny until it sinks in how accurate it seems to be.

Plans are have been announced that the election of the President of the United States will be questioned based on (wait for it) … ALLEGATIONS.

You have no proof.

But we have ALLEGATIONS.

All investigations have shown no irregularities.

But we have ALLEGATIONS.

The Attorney General of the United States has said there is nothing to back up these Allegations.

But we have ALLEGATIONS none the less (and we may need a stress related day off).

I don’t get what they don’t get.

Maybe its the old lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink syndrome.

You can elect someone to Congress back you can’t make them think.

I am reminded of the old story of the young man trying to get a mule to move.

Nothing he could do would make any difference as that stubborn old mule stood there.

Old timer walks up and smacks the mule in the head with a 2 x 4.

And the mule starts to move.

“See?” says the old timer, “you just have to get their attention first.”

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