11.27.2020 – pie for my breakfast

pie for my breakfast
guilty feasting continues
happy left overs

The classic American short story, The Devil and Daniel Webster by by Stephen Vincent Benét is another tale based on the Faust and selling your soul to the Devil.

The twist in this version is that the poor feller hires Daniel Webster as his lawyer to get him out of the bargain.

Mr. Webster was a speaker who; “They say he could call on the harps of the blessed when he chose”.

The court and jury was stacked against Mr. Webster and the Devil himself or “Mr. Scratch” stood for himself.

And as Mr. Benét writes, “we know who’s the King of Lawyers, as the Good Book tells us.

When it came for a closing argument, Mr. Webster stood up, frustrated by all efforts, ready to let the court and the jury and devil really have it.

And he realizes that is the game they want him to play.

He steps back from the brink and instead of a bell wringing oration, he talks quietly.

Mr. Webster “began with the simple things that everybody’s known and felt—the freshness of a fine morning when you’re young, and the taste of food when you’re hungry, and the new day that’s every day when you’re a child. He took them up and he turned them in his hands. They were good things for any man.”

In the end, the jury stares down the devil and finds for the defendent.

Winning the case and the freedom of his client, Mr. Webster says, ” . . . it’s dry work talking all night. I hope there’s pie for breakfast.”

I read that story as a kid.

For some reason the concept of pie for breakfast stuck in my brain.

When I can get it, it is my favorite breakfast food.

Partly because of the story but partly because it IS good for breakfast.

Growing up in a huge family of 11 kids, left over pie was as rare as any leftover.

At some point I started substituting ice cream sandwiches for pie.

Somewhere along the line I made the point out loud to my family that my favorite breakfast was an ice cream sandwich.

This story got told around my family a lot and was repeated often.

More often than I knew.

One Christmas season years later several of my little nieces and nephews stayed overnight at my apartment.

As they were dropped off, one little guy says to me, “Uncle Mike, do we REALLY get to have ice cream sandwiches for breakfast?”

But to tell the truth it has really always been pie.

Thanksgiving may have been the one time of the year I could count on left over pie.

Such a feast yesterday and a fridge full of great food today and I have to feel a little bit guilty.

BUT be that as it may be …

It is a rare treat to have pie for breakfast.

And it even rarer treat to be able to PLAN on pie for breakfast.

I had pie for breakfast this morning.

I thought of the Devil and Daniel Webster.

I thought about Mr. Benét coming up with that line.

The pie was wonderful.

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