19.10.2020 – everyday heroes

everyday heroes
both extra ordinary

Again and again I am reminded of the acts of heroism in everyday life.

Not the type of acts that get noticed.

Not the type of acts that earns a medal.

A heroic act that gets noticed or earns a medal is often an act of the moment.

A heroic action that evolves quickly without thinking of oneself or ones risks in that moment.

But those daily acts of everyday life by ordinary people and not just ordinary people but extra ordinary people.

Daily acts by people who have time to think and to plan and to imagine the results of their actions and then somehow with this in mind, they still get up and back that car out of the driveway.

Sometimes these simple acts can be beyond belief.

Every day acts of every day people.

Ordinary folks.

The online dictionary defines ordinary as something “with no special or distinctive features; normal.

And that is what we see.

People with no special or distinctive features.

People who are so ordinary that they are extra ordinary.

At the same time, these same people are dealing with thoughts and pressures and processes so far beyond ordinary.


Defined online as very unusual or remarkable.

Very unusual!



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