9.14.2020 – authors, yourselves of

authors, yourselves of
those laws on which your (and my)
happiness depends

Mr. Samuel Adams, the cousin of John Adams, not the beer, said in a speech in Philadelphia on August 2, 1776, the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, that:

Nothing that we propose can pass into a law without your consent.

Be yourselves, O Americans, the authors of those laws on which your happiness depends.

I have to feel that Mr. Adams, if alive today, would read the papers and watch the news and say to himself, “something went wrong here.”

Or maybe not.

Maybe Mr. Adams would say, “Gee Whiz, I WARNED YOU.”

All these issues.

We did it to ourselves.

But I have a hope in Mr. Adams’ closing thoughts.

“Go on, then, in your generous enterprise, with gratitude to heaven, for past success, and confidence of it in the future.

Confidence of it in the future.

Maybe it is a curse.

But I still feel it.

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