9.3.2020 – things I want to know

things I want to know
are in books – friends will get me
a book I ain’t read

This is attributed to Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

Looking for a citation, the best I that can do is that Carl Sandburg has old Dennis Hanks recalling that his young cousin Abe Lincoln saying, “The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who’ll git me a book I ain’t read.”

Mr Sandburg recorded this in his book, Abraham Lincoln Volume 1 The Prairie Years (Dell, New York, NY – 1927).

So did Mr. Lincoln say it?

Or did Mr. Sandburg imagine that Mr. Lincoln said it?

Would Mr. Lincoln had said it had it thought of it?

Well, maybe and yes and why not all at the same time.

Lincoln or Sandburg or Lincoln and Sandburg.

Someone said it and I like it.

It works for me.

Its good enough for me.

It is late in the day.

I got my new Kindle Fire that my wife got me on my last birthday.

She is my best friend.

I got lots of books on it I ain’t read.

Me for the back porch and the rocker.

Ps – the above painting is owned and displayed by the University of Michigan – I liked to go look at it as student …

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