6.16.202 – no difficulty

no difficulty
believe what is comforting
and find convenient

Who does not want to believe in what is comforting and what is found to be convenient?

I do have a specific group in mind.

Please read this short statement.

Is it an accurate statement?

It should not be thought that the Presidential party line is necessarily disingenuous and insincere on part of all those who put it forward.

Many of them are too ignorant of outside world and mentally too dependent to question self-hypnotism, and who have no difficulty making themselves believe what they find it comforting and convenient to believe.

There is an the unsolved mystery as to who, if anyone, in this administration actually receives accurate and unbiased information about outside world.

In atmosphere of oriental secretiveness and conspiracy which pervades this Government, possibilities for distorting or poisoning sources and currents of information are infinite.

The very disrespect of the President for objective truth–indeed, his disbelief in its existence–leads them to view all stated facts as instruments for furtherance of one ulterior purpose or another.

I wish I could say I wrote it.

It is a very famous bit of writing.

I also wish I could say it was written about the current Administration in Washington.

Except for a few words, it was written by George F. Kennan when he was serving as Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in 1946.

Mr. Kennan was asked by the United States Treasury why the Soviets were not supporting the newly created World Bank.

In Mr. Kennan replied with an 8,000 to 10,000 word cable gram explaining the Soviet Union.

I was taught back in college, that Mr. Kennan said, “They asked for it, they are going to get.”

Mr. Kennan’s cablegram became known as the LONG TELEGRAM or the X TELEGRAM.

And played a role in much of the Foreign Policy of the United States for years and years afterwords.

When Mr. Kennan wrote the words I posted above, he was not refering to the President and his administration.

Mr. Kennan was referring to the Soviet Union in general and Joseph Stalin in particular.

I struck by how changing just a few names the thoughts fit.

And if the shoe fits …

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