5.25.2020 – such simple concepts

such simple concepts
pull to turn on, push for off
no waiting, loading

We moved over the weekend.

Among the many many little things to do was set up new TV and Internet service.

At this move was a little easier and we moved into an apartment complex that is served exclusively by ATT.

Little did I know I was about to enter … the twilight zone of tv service.

It has been a nightmare.

The service has never worked.

I have unplugged, rebooted, replugged, logged in, logged out.

Talking to tech after tech.

I create online TV for a living.

I like to think I am fairly technically with it.

But this has me beat.

The best part was the support guy who told me to reboot my modem while we were chatting.

I told him that would effectivly end our chat session.

He said not to worry as the reboot would solve any problem.

When I rebooted and lost all connected with ATT support, my wife said, “He was right. It solved all the prblems … from his point of view.”

Due to the holiday I have to wait until tomorrow for someone to work on it.

To watch TV I have to watch on a computer and then get that picture on the TV

I have to login on a computer.


Then wait.

Then cast to the a device on the TV or connect to the TV and us the TV as a big monitor.

And wait.

And wait.

Call me a boomer.

When I was kid, we walked up to the TV and pulled on a knob and the TV went on.

When we were done, we pressed the button and it went off.

How can something so simple become so stupidly complicated.

And when I think about.

All this effort to what end?

To watch …. TV?

Good grief!

Have I unpacked whats left of my books yet?

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