5.23.2020 – home sweet home new home

home sweet home new home
now home small home – continue
the experiment

Mother sometimes talked to Father about the advantages of living in an apartment. Father said it was all nonsense. A respectable man owned his own home and didn’t go living around in a “hole in the air.”

So wrote Clarence Day in Life with Mother.

We moved today.

We moved into an apartment.

No more Lawrenceville.

Hello Duluth.

Back in the 1880’s when the railroad through this part of Georgia was completed someone asked “What is the farthest place you can get to on this railroad?”

The answer was Duluth, Minnesota.

So the folks down here decided it would be cute to name this town Duluth, Georgia.

We set up this move as empty nesters.

Covid 19 has returned two birds to nest.

1000 square feet and 4 people.

Prayer is requested.

Stay tuned as this experiment continues.

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