5.20.2020 – spreading rapidly

spreading rapidly
global misinformation
an infodemic

They’ve built this whole ecosystem that is all about engagement, allows viral spread, and hasn’t ever put any currency on accuracy says Carl Bergstrom, a University of Washington professor quoted in Tech giants struggle to stem ‘infodemic’ of false coronavirus claims.

Odd that both infodemic and coronavirus are thrown out by spell check.

The Collins Online Dictionary defines infodemic as, “An excessive amount of information concerning a problem such that the solution is made more difficult.”

I would say that it is pretty accurate.

I would say that it is downright scary.

“We planned for years for this pandemic, but we never realised that we would be fighting a war on two fronts,” said Bergstrom. “One against the pandemic, and one against all the disinformation and hate and fear that is being amped up and enflamed by political opportunists.”

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