5.10.2020 – our mom, grace, pressure

our mom, grace, pressure
never failed to surprise
song in key of life

Being Mother’s Day, there will be lots of tributes to Moms.

Lots of fond memories remembered.

Talking about our Mom, just to point out that she raised me would be tribute alone.

Those who grew up around me will understand.

But she also raised 10 other kids at the same time.

My Mom used to point out that she did not remember the Vietnam War.

She knew it was going on and such but otherwise she was too busy.

Lots of people have fond memories about my Mom.

She was universally loved, respected and dare I say, admired.

She was full of grace.

She rolled with the pressure.

She was also full of surprises.

One day, I came home from school.

This was in 1976.

My brother Pete was sitting at the counter in the kitchen.

Laying on the table was a copy of Stevie Wonder’s latest album, “Songs in the Key of Life.”


“Who bought this?” I asked.

I picked the album up thinking greedy thoughts.

Any new records in our family became community property.

Pete turned around and looked at me.

“Mom did.”

I think I just stared at Pete.

Pete just stared back.

Then we went downstairs to where the stereo was and played it.

After seeing Stevie Wonder being interviewed on TV about his latest album, Mom got in her car and drove to Musicland in North Kent Mall and bought a copy.

She told us later, she thought Stevie was interesting and worth listening to.

We listened to it a lot.

Not sure how many times Mom listened to it.

But that didn’t matter so much as it was so freaking cool that our Mom would go out, on her own, and buy Stevie Wonder records.

In my heart, I imagined her at a Ladies Missionary Society meeting at our church, Berean Baptist in Grand Rapids.

This was a church were a Missionary from Africa reported, “The beat of the voodoo drums is much like the rhythms in today’s rock and roll.”

I imagined Mom sitting a circle ladies, discussing the days events.

And I can hear my Mom say, “Have you heard Stevie Wonder’s latest? I just bought “Songs in the Key Life.”

I wouldn’t be surprised.

As our Mom was full of surprises.

She was our song in the key of life.

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