4.9.2020 – stay home, staying safe

stay home, staying safe
not covid; cabin fever!
beach calls, can’t answer

Got up this morning to start another day of being home and being safe.

I am up before anyone else so I do get the luxury of some time alone.

Some time in the quiet.

Sitting with my coffee as the four walls of the house move in on me.

Like many American’s I have been ‘at home’ for the longest continuous span of time of my life since leaving home for Ann Arbor and college over 40 years ago.

The more I think about it, if you include leaving the house for school everyday, I can’t remember when I spent so much uninterrupted time in one place.

Since March 14, I have been here at home except for trips to the store or the park.

I am becoming less concerned with covid fever and more concerned with cabin fever.

I sat with my coffee and my ipad reading the same newspapers with the same stories.

The numbers change but the stories are the same.

I don’t need to spend much time with the sports pages.

Sports is nothing but new numbers.




Sports is nothing without new numbers.

And there are no new sports numbers.

Unless you count the number of people in sports who have the virus.

I look around the room where I am sitting.

Somehow this room is getting smaller.

I look at the knick knacks.

I look at the family photos.

In pride of place on the mantle is a small work of art.

Its a small print that my wife and I picked up in Savannah last August when we were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.

It was a present from ourselves to ourselves.

The print captures both our celebration and the hoped for promise of our future.

Its a print by Savannah artist Tibby Llewellyn.

It shows an empty weather beaten Adirondack deck chair facing the ocean.

We had spent the weekend on Tybee.

We left behind empty beach chairs.

We look to retire someday and move to Tybee.

We hope empty beach chairs are waiting for us.

I looked at that little print for a long time.

Lots of memories.

Lots of plans.

The walls of the room moved back.

The beach is calling.

Can’t answer.

Well, not right now anyway.

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