November 20 – traffic woes again

traffic woes again
radio news to laugh at, like …
alternative routes!

Woke up and glanced at my phone to check the weather and a traffic alert popped up.

“Major Morning Headache as I85 closed …”, read the alert.

Dismayed but hopeful, I clicked on the alert.

It might be North Bound I85.

It might be South Bound, on the other side of Atlanta over by the airport.

It could be any number of exits that didn’t come between me and my job.

The alert loaded, slowly, slowly, too slowly.

Ads popped up.

Video tried to play.

I stood there, phone in hand, swatting all those down like flies.

The headline finally loaded.

Major Morning Headache as I85 closed South Bound at Pleasantdale Rd Exit. All lanes blocked.

Oh for crying out loud.

Smack dab in the middle of my commute.

Had it been targeting me, it could not have been at a worse place.

All lanes blocked?

Just what did that mean?

I click on WAZE and it estimates my commute at 45 minutes.

I looked closely and WAZE was basing this on the current time USING the dreaded ALTERNATIVE ROUTES.

If you don’t use WAZE or are not familiar with Atlanta, let me give you a warning.

Alternative Routes do not work.

The best advice I ever got about living in Atlanta was to make sure I lived within 5 minutes of a major freeway.

Otherwise it would take as long to get to the freeway as it took to get to my destination once I got on the freeway.

To leave the freeway, even during an ALL LANES BLOCKED emergency doesn’t work.

Besides, the alternative routes are already full from there usual morning traffic.

I got myself ready drove off to work.

With resignation but some hope I made the turn onto I85 and within 10 minutes I was in gridlock.

I would click on 750AM for traffic every ten minutes or so.

The first reports, Traffic Guy was suggesting those wonderful ALTERNATIVE ROUTES.

Satellite Blvd., Buford Highway and Peachtree Industrial.

Approaching the Pleasanthill Rd Exit, I could see rookie drivers making the choice to try these routes and making the effort to get off I85 and over to one of these side roads.

I stayed put.

My time to work was 3 hours.

30 minutes later, Traffic Guy was still advising alternative routes but that they were backing up and 2 lanes on i85 were now open.

15 more minutes and the accident was being cleared, my total trip was 2 hours.

Traffic Guy was announcing that the backup was hitting I85 all the way back to Duluth and impacting all other local roads.

Alternative Routes?

What a joke.

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