November 7 – morning drive, traffic

morning drive, traffic
slowed by fatality
just inconvenienced?

Minutes after merging onto I85 Southbound to midtown Atlanta, traffic started slowing down and then stopped.

Not good but not terrible.

This often happens as the freeway climbs up Peachtree Ridge in Gwinnett County and the trucks slow down.

I stayed stopped for a minute and then two minutes and I open up the WAZE app on my iPhone.

Checking Route … HEAVY TRAFFIC … You will reach your destination in …. 2 HOURS!!


Radio on in time to catch the traffic report and it opens with RED FLAG ALERT for I85 in Gwinnett County. Traffic accident with fatalities has all lanes closed just past Boggs Rd.

When I was in college and drove back home it took 2 to 3 hours to get to Grand Rapids from Ann Arbor.

It seemed like forever.

I was going to be in my car that long just to get to work this morning.

And all these people around.

Cars and trucks as far as the eye could see.

Everyone late.

Everyone inconvenienced.

Because, well, because some one died.

Someone’s lives were really going to change.

I was inconvenienced.





Something seems to have gone wrong here.

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