October 31 – defining moments

defining moments
those times, make break, history
this week, it’s house vote

Headline in today’s printed USA Today stated, “A Defining Moment Could Come Today.”

The online version read, “House to make first vote of formal Trump impeachment inquiry, resolution sets rules for public hearings.”

Chicken or egg fashion, I have long tried to determine which came first, the printed word or the online word.

You would think online, but then consider that the print version has to be posted pretty early in the day to make it to ‘paste up’, printed and distributed.

During this time, the writer has a cushion to review and revise what was sent to the printer.

On the other hand, I once caught a copy/paste typo in an online story in USAToday where a quote was hopelessly garbled.

When I got my hands on a printed version, the quote had been corrected.

The goofy thing is that the online version was never corrected.

But I digress.

Defining moments?

Who defines defining moments.

Is not the definition of a defining moment dependent on the moment it defines and it is of that moment?

Take for example the phrase, “Trial of the Century”.

For the 20th Century, without benefit of Google, I can come up with:

  • The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Trial
  • The Scopes Trial
  • The OJ Simpson Trial

Wikipedia lists:

Trial of Leon Czolgosz for the assassination of United States President William McKinley (1901)
Trial of Harry Thaw for the murder of Stanford White (1906)
Trial of Bill Haywood for murder (1907)
Sacco and Vanzetti murder trial (1920–1927)
Leopold and Loeb murder trial (1924)
Scopes Monkey Trial (1925)
Gloria Vanderbilt custody trial (1934)
Lindbergh kidnapping trial (1935)
Nuremberg trials (1945–1946)
Hiss-Chambers (Hiss Case, Hiss Affair) (1948–1950)
Adolf Eichmann trial (1961)
Charles Manson and Manson “family” for the Tate/LaBianca murders (1970)
Ted Bundy Chi Omega Trial (1979)
Claus von Bülow trials (1982–1985)
Klaus Barbie trial (1987)
Trial of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu (1989)
Trial of Lyle and Erik Menendez (1990)
Vizconde massacre (1991)
O. J. Simpson murder case trial (1995)
Trial of Yolanda Saldívar (1995)
Impeachment of Bill Clinton (1999)

The defining moment for today is the vote in the US House of Representatives on Impeachment Procedures.

When all is said and done, I am hoping more that rather than a defining moment, this turns out to be a speed bump in history.

Not a moment that defined us but a footnote to history.

Like the Harding administration.

When I was in college and after I graduated, I worked in chain bookstore named WaldenBooks.

It was a bookstore.

But it was a mall, retail bookstore.

I loved the bookstore part but the retail store was a huge stone in my shoe.

Still I worked there for almost 12 years.

I would tell people that when the time came for someone to write my biography (at the time I knew that someday, someone would write my biography) there would be the sentence, “In 1979, Hoffman went to work for Waldenbooks. Then in 1991 …”

I want to move on so bad from this current state of affairs.

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