October 28 – to live all my days

to live all my days
sedentary existence
uneventful goal

An off comment I picked up while watching a football game this weekend brought my time in college back to mind.

When I was in college I hoped to graduate and get a job in a research library or historical institution and live out my days in a sedentary existence.

Buried in research.

Buried in books.

Buried in old facts and thoughts that no one in their right mind would ever want to think about.

Spent the weekend with my grand daughters.

My son Jackie woke me up at 2AM to tell me his car had been broken into and the side window smashed.

Oh, and Jackie told me a friend of his from work would be crashing overnight on our sofa.

Went with my wife to the Braselton Antique and Craft fair.

Went to Church.

Dealt with work problems.

Cooked Sunday dinner.


Better then buried.

Buried would have been pretty boring.

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