September 30 – Did I just hear this?

Did I just hear this?
Mercedes, Tell me a joke?
“Sorry we’re German”

Listening to the radio from London, a commercial touting Mercedes Benz Siri-like voice activated information system, ended with the line, “Mercedes, Tell me a joke?”

“Sorry, we’re German” is what I remembered hearing.

A quick Google search showed that the line is actually, “Sorry, my engineers were German.”

From the google post that I saw, this tagline has been around since February of 2018.

Apparently if you have Mercedes Benz assistant on your Mercedes and ask, “Mercedes, tell me a joke?”, that response is pre-programmed.

I am not prepared for humor at this level of business.

I have been made so timid by social media, my first reaction is, how did they dare that?

My 2nd reaction was, boy, am I glad they dared to do that.

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