September 12 – Yogi Berra wrong?

Yogi Berra wrong?
not over, but it’s over
Aussies keep Ashes

Mr. Berra is credited with saying something like, “It ain’t over, until it’s over.”

Many times in sports and in life, this rings true.

No surprise that, in the Ashes, it doesn’t apply.

The Ashes is a test cricket series between Australia and England that is played every other year and alternates sites between England and Australia.

A test cricket series is made up of 5 test cricket matches.

Each match can last up to 5 days with breaks each day for lunch and tea.

A cricket match can end as a:

WIN: One team has more runs at the end of the match

Tie: Both teams have the same amount of runs and wickets at the end of a match.

Draw: If a match ends with one team not being able to complete their innings at bat before the end of play.

No Result: Match has started but due to weather or light or something else cannot be completed.

Abandoned: Match never stated.

One quirk of Cricket is that the Ashes is a best of five series, but regardless of results, all five matches are played.

If this was a World Series, all seven games would be played even if one team won the first four.

Another quirk of the Ashes is that in case of a series draw, the team holding the Ashes, gets to keep the trophy.

This year, Australia won Test 1 and Test 4.

England won Test 3 (in dramatic fashion)

Test 2 was a draw.

The best England can do is a Draw for the 2019 Series.

So it’s over and Australia keeps the Ashes.

But Test 5 still has to be played.

So it’s not over.

That’s Cricket!

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