September 6 – OHHH Friday

Weekend starts tonight
I leave work at 5PM
My mind left last night

I worked three days this week and somehow it has been a long, long week.

Somewhere, Jim Harrison has a passage about how we have yet to equate the energy drain of mental work with the impact of physical labor on a human being.

I quit worrying about ‘job satisfaction’ a long time ago.

Sad that rather than the job well done, I want the job done

Just done.

Done and without a long tail that comes back to me.

I also cannot understand how I came to embrace the TGIF philosophy.

I felt I could enjoy each and every day.

I thought I had that much faith in each day.

Narratives within narratives.

Not sure what that means in this context.

But I liked the phrase and it is too difficult to hammer into a haiku.

The story not yet told.

Anyway, it is Friday!

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