August 1 – The Ashes!

slips and a gully
mid on, mid off, driven left
and there is no run

Imagine if every two years, Michigan and Ohio State told that sporting world that they were taking time for a private contest.

Then for five weeks, they played a match that was the best of five games.

The games wouldn’t be sanctioned by the Big 10 or the NCAA.

This was a just between them and they were going to play.

That is the Ashes.

A private sporting contest between England and Australia every two years, alternating between countries.

And its test match cricket.

Five days are reserved for play.

Two sides of 10 batters and all 10 batters bat until they are out for one inning and there two innings.

Breaks for lunch, tea and drinks.

And don’t tell me that cricket doesn’t keep up with the times.

This year, for the 1st time ever, players have names and numbers on their … jumpers.

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