July 30 – New day, each day comes

New day, each day comes
chance perfectly marvelous
hopeful, possible

I could start my day taking a yellow pad and drawing line down the center.

At the top of the left side of the pad, I could write BAD.

At the top of the right hand side, I could write GOOD.

I could fill the left hand side as fast as I could write, with my handwriting getting worse and worse as I try to keep with the all the thoughts pouring, like black and red flaming lava, out of my mind.

Then I could stop.

Take a sip of coffee.

Take two sips of coffee.

I could look at the right hand side of the pad.

I would see that, that side of the pad was blank.

See nothing good.


Nothing but possibities.

Perfectly marvelous.

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