July 27 – old shoes like old friends

old shoes like old friends,
comfortable, as old shoes
new shoes, someday old


If there were things more comfortable than an old pair of shoes, the saying, “As comfortable as an old pair of shoes”, would not have lasted in the list of english language idioms.

Three pairs of low cut, white (at one point in their lives), leather Nike sneakers.

The first pair is at 30 years old with a white swoosh.

I sent a clerk (who was a Wiedeman if I remember) back into the storeroom at MC Sports to find ‘that old fashioned smooth leather look.

The second pair, with the black swoosh stripes, I think are about 10 years old and were a birthday present from my wife, I think the first year we were Georgia.

The last pair, my FRESH sneakers, were a birthday present this year.

They are free of the past snow and rains and mentioned in the book, Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury.

” with this new pair of shoes, he could do anything, anything at all,” writes Bradbury.

And they have the potential to, one day, like friends who stick around, become old shoes.

Comfortable beyond belife.

As comfortable as an old pair of shoes.

Based on the time to takes to break these in, are they the last pair of sneakers I will need to buy?

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