June 4 – right mug

Have to have right mug!
Not sure why, with shelf of mugs?
… or its a bad day

My morning routine is pretty set in concrete with a strict time table.

Alarm at 5:15AM.

Make coffee, shower and in kitchen by 5:30AM.

Coffee and whatever I feel my stomach is ready for for breakfast. Most often, my stomach is NOT ready for anything.

With my coffee, start with reading my Bible then the newspapers on the iPad.

Still start with the Detroit Free Press. When I was a kid, our neighborhood in Grand Rapids, had DAILY MORNING DELIVERY by a PAPERBOY of the Free Press. I cannot remember a time in my life when the morning didn’t start with the Free Press.

First sports then the front page. Though on the Free Press App, more and more sports stories end up on the Front / TOP STORY page, I still go to the sports page first.

After the Free Press, its USA TODAY, sports first then front page and finally Google News and the Guardian (UK).

At 5:55AM, I am in the kitchen assembling something for lunch. Not a lot of variety to my lunches as I can’t think of much at this time. I think about how in High School, I made a ham sandwich everyday for the same reason.

By 6:00AM, I am back upstairs getting dressed.

Before 6:10AM, I want to be in the car.

I know all this and I have done this routine time and again, yet when I open the cupboard to get a mug for my coffee, if I don’t see my regular mug, the morning train comes to a stop, my brain freezes and I stare at the stack of other mugs, trying to decide which one to use.

And it can take a long time to decide.

Throws off the rest of the schedule.

The mug won’t change the way the coffee tastes, but it does.

The mug won’t change the way the day goes, but it does.

Even more stupid, we have several other mugs in the exact same style as my favorite, but the color scheme and the company logos on the mug are different.

But if I don’t have the right mug, the day, while not ruined, doesn’t feel right.

It’s going into a fight with one boot off or whatever they say in Texas.

Later in the day, you could look at me and ask, “gosh, whats wrong?”

If I was honest, I would say, “didn’t have the right mug.”

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