May 26 – minds most clouded

at minds most clouded
consequences multiply
risk being honest

Nirmal Purja’s picture of the overcrowded approach to the summit of Everest last week. Photograph: Nirmal Purja/Project Possible/AFP

Inspired by:

Mountaineering is a physical pursuit demanding an affinity for suffering. Where it is cerebral is in its requirement of good judgment, most importantly in extreme situations when the mind is most clouded and consequences of bad decision-making tend to multiply.

Considering risks requires being honest with yourself. At what climbers call the objective level, that involves assessing dangers you may encounter – weather, avalanches, poor rock, even whether there will be overcrowding on your route.

Taken from: Why I won’t be joining the queue at the top of Everest –

A startling picture of overcrowding near the summit shows the peril of turning the mountain into a form of adventure tourism

by Peter Beaumont

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