5.2.2019 – isms

race and sex isms
confront inevitable
tough to be a Mom

When I ran out of the house and off to the school at the top of the hill, I don’t know how much my Mom thought about the problems of racism, sexism or any number of other isms that confront today’s Moms.

Maybe I just wasn’t aware.

Today, to me, it seems there is so much outside the door of your home that HAS to be dealt with.

That confrontation for a Mom with racism, sexism and other isms is inevitable.

With that in mind, our children have no greater champion than my wife Leslie.

She was BORN with the idea that injustice anywhere is injustice anywhere.

She might have issues with our kids over any number of sins BUT if any one of them was ever held back or limited in anyway by their race, by their sex by their beliefs, by our family structure, then confrontation with Leslie was inevitable.

And I pity the fool on the other side of this confrontation because they never knew what hit them.

Leslie always did her best to raise our kids but when came to being their CHAMPION, there was no one better to be on their side.

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