January 23 – The ageing process?

The ageing process?
old do have sense of humor
… cruelty does not

Ok Boomer!

I have mixed feelings.

As an end-of-the-line boomer who missed the Beatles, Hippies and landed smack dab in Disco, I am offended, somewhat.

Am I surprised?

Former Speaker of the House Thomas B. Reed, famously said to Theodore Roosevelt, “What I most admire about you, Theodore, is your original discovery of the Ten Commandments.”

It’s our turn, in other words.

But was it this cruel?

This mean spirited?

In this morning’s Guardian, writes, “No one particularly wants to get old, however preferable it is to the alternative: an early death. What’s striking is that the prejudice against the elderly is the only bigotry directed at the inevitable future of the bigot. Few misogynists, I imagine, fear that they eventually will turn into women, nor do racists worry that the passing decades will radically alter their ethnicity and the color of their skin. But the young will get old, if they’re lucky. Meanwhile they might consider the fact that ageing is challenging enough without one’s being mocked and derided for having experienced a natural process that no medical or cosmetic intervention can ultimately prevent.”

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