December 19 – fuddled? befuddled?

fuddled? befuddled?
sluggish? comatose? dopey?
why am I driving?

If there was a breathalyzer for measuring the level of sleep in my bloodstream and if there was a legal limit to how much sleep could be measured in my bloodstream I would be in trouble.

I come out of weekend of sleeping until 7AM or 8AM somewhat refreshed and recharged.

By Thursday morning, after 4 days of getting up at 5:15AM, my brain is so clogged with sleep it hurts.

All the little tricks, cooler to colder water in the shower, bottomless cup of coffee and not sitting after I get downstairs, I still back the car out of the garage in a mild daze.

Or a mild haze.

Or a hazy daze.

Am I fuddled?

Or am I befuddled?

Both at the same time.

Unable to think clearly, confused or stupefied?

The google says that fuddle is used to describe someone in this state due to drink.

I am not drunk.

Just near to being asleep.

Fighting off the forces from the land of Nod.

So what do I do?

Drive to work of course.

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