11.3.2022 – it’s individuals

it’s individuals
Coach can do so much – day’s end
we’re individuals

but each got to just
dig down deeper – be better
that’s just what it is

This two stanza haiku (my blog, my rules) is based on a quote from NBA Star Kevin Durant and the situation with the Brooklyn Nets in the ESPN article Mounting losses and controversies: How the Brooklyn Nets devolved into chaos in a matter of weeks by Nick Friedell.

The article explains, “Back inside the practice facility — before the tumultuous 2-5 start, before Simmons’ poor play, before the players-only meeting, before the controversy over his superstar teammate’s social media posts about Alex Jones and an antisemitic movie and book — Durant continues to try to shape the narrative of the coming season.

The article ends with the quote.

“It’s on the individuals,” Durant said. “Coach can do so much and tell you what to do, but he’s not playing for us.

I know coaching matters, chemistry matters, but at the end of the day we’re individuals.

So we got to do better as individuals, and then we’ll bring that to the group and figure it out.

But each guy’s got to just dig down deeper and just be better.

That’s just what it is.”

There is a post script to the article.

Editor’s note: The Nets fired coach Steve Nash on Monday, after this story published.

That’s just what it is.

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