8.25.2022 – feeling less well done

feeling less well done
skull creek calibogue sound
England takes wicket

I was thinking about technology today.

Thinking about technology and the cloud of connections that surrounds the world.

From standard radio equipment to web technology along with rockets and satellites to cables and connections and lets not forget what it takes today to create the electricity that powers this digital world.

I was driving to work with the car radio one but with the radio plugged into my smart phone which was connected to a cell tower which allowed You Tube to play the BBC Sports Live audio stream of today’s Test Cricket Match between England and South Africa.

I was driving to work, driving over a bridge that crossed over Skull Creek, looking to the south out over Calibogue Sound listening to descriptions of events taking place in a Stadium in Manchester England and Aiden Markram, batting for South Africa pulled a hit for an easy catch to Ben Foakes.

Calibogue Sound

The commentators were talking about get an easy wicket and made the point that easy wickets made up for those times when you were ‘feeling less done well’ by the game.

I think that is why I listen to Cricket.

And considering what it takes to get the commentary on my car radio, I am grateful.

If anyone of the many links that it takes to get me the game went down, people somewhere would scramble to restore it.

Those people work hard.

Those people get a paycheck at the end of the week.

What the name of the company is that is on that paycheck, I have no idea.

But I am grateful.

Got to love technology … sometimes.

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